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Non-Profit Services: Championing Your Cause

DMS has been at the forefront of non-profit direct mail fundraising for over three decades, helping organizations worldwide to mobilize resources for their causes. We understand the unique challenges faced by non-profits, and we're committed to delivering creative, cost-effective solutions that maximize your fundraising potential.

Our team of specialists works hand-in-hand with you to craft compelling stories that resonate with donors, driving engagement and encouraging generosity. With DMS, you have a dedicated partner championing your cause every step of the way.

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Eye Catching Design

“Passion, Experience, Results.” We mean and we live every word. We care about the causes our clients care about. From copywriters and artists we have some of the most experienced in the business. Passion and experience enable us to produce the kind of results our clients expect. We are experts at getting the highest quality work into the mail on budget and on time.

Impactful Fundraising

For any organizations that have compelling, real-life stories to tell – direct mail is the marketing vehicle that can raise your income and rescue your mission. And DMS has become world-renowned for our ability to create packages that work at a cost that’s affordable when resources are limited and budgets are ever-tightening. We can help you make the world a better place.

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Accurate Data

At DMS we have access to the best list agents and experts who can navigate organizing your internal data.  We combine this data with new technology that allows us to vary the copy and artwork for each and every person on a mailing list. Using variable graphics (i.e., recipient’s name written on a license plate, in the clouds, or in sand on the beach), variable offers (based on interests or last purchase), variable testimonials (based on location or social status), and variable images (based on gender, presence of children, or other consumer data) allows us to customize each mailer to every unique client.


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Brian Davies

Founder - International Fund for Animal Welfare

"It's been almost 20 years since I first heard of Paul Seigel.  He had a reputation as a political fundraiser and was referred to me by the owner of Direct Mail Systems.  I was skeptical but intrigued, as political organizations are highly successful at raising money.  I hired him as our International Director of Development in 1988.  At the time we were raising just under $10 million annually.  When he left the organization ten years later we were raising almost $30 million annually.  I was no longer skeptical!"





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