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Political Services: Empowering Your Campaigns

In the realm of politics, successful communication can make all the difference. Our team of political pros at DMS is adept at providing personalized service and strategic guidance to candidates and organizations across the country. 

We develop targeted, impactful messaging that resonates with constituents, fostering a meaningful connection between you and your voters. Our services cover everything from strategy development and voter segmentation to direct mail marketing and digital advertising, ensuring your campaign has the competitive edge it needs to succeed. 

Trust DMS to empower your political campaigns with strategic, results-driven marketing solutions.

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DMS is a national leader in direct mail fundraising, providing full-service expertise to countless candidates and parties in every election cycle.  From strategic planning to actual production, DMS helps expand their donor files while boosting their bottom line.

Political Fundraising

Voter Mail

Candidate mailers targeted to the right voters with the right message at the right time are game changers.  DMS regularly wins rave reviews – and competitive races – with innovative mailers that cut through the clutter and create a lasting impression.

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Voter Mail
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Rack Cards

Collateral materials are tangible, visible evidence that a campaign is real and viable.  DMS creates and produces palm cards, bumper stickers and other printed pieces with an eye-catching design and a consistent message that reinforce the campaign’s brand.   

Digital Marketing

DMS has a Digital Marketing Department that provides creative content for campaigns and specializes in targeting voters on social media.

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